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    Current Members

       Yuki Nagata

    (Group Leader, since 2011)

      Mayank Dodia

           (PhD, since 2018)

     Chun-Chieh Yu

    (phD student, since 2019)

    Azade Yazdan Yar

          (PD, since 2019)

     Takakazu Seki

          (PD, since 2019)

    Kuo-Yang Chiang

       (PhD student, since 2019)

        Xiaoqing Yu

       (PhD student, since 2019)


         Tatsuhiko Ohto

        (visiting from Univ. Tokyo, 2013

         currently, Assist Prof. at Osaka)

    Hisao Nakamura

    (visiting scholar, 2011-2012   currently, Faculty of AIST)

       Wen Jun Xie

        (visiting from Peking Univ., 2017

        currently, PD at MIT)

    Seiji Yoshimune

     (visiting from Kyoto Univ., 2014-15

      currently, at Roam Semiconductor)

        Kota Usui

      (visiting from Kyoto Univ., 2014-15)

        Fujie Tang

        (visiting from Peking Univ., 2016

          currently, PD at Temple Univ.)

        Sho Imoto

           (PD, 2018-2019,

         currently, at Fuji Film)

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